When to move and when to remodel

July 25th, 2019

Moving can be stressful. Thankfully, there are helpful resources and great professional movers that can make the transition easier for you. But before you dive into those junk draws and start packing up, let’s address whether a move is even necessary or the right decision for you.

You may have not considered that remodeling can solve a lot of issues that lead people to move locations. So, should you relocate or remodel? Since each person comes from a different home and with different preferences and circumstances, there isn’t a one-word answer to this question. But the answer for you isn’t far off. Below, we’ll lead you through 5 questions you can ask that will help you decide whether to move or improve.

1) What are your reasons for moving?

Some situations require a move. For example, you may have to relocate for work. Or you may be moving to care for a family member in need. Determining why you want to move will help you think more clearly about the decision. Do you feel like your house is drabby and out of date? Do you like the houses better down the road? Have you outgrown your space? If your reasons have more to do with preference, consider the following questions.

2) How do you feel about your house?

If we’ve spent a significant amount of time in one location, oftentimes we build what's called topophilia--an attachment to a place. You may have built similar bonds with your home. Is it a place where, if it was more practical, you’d like to grow old? Are you committed to that home and could you see yourself living there for the next 7 to 10 years? If your answer is yes, then you should consider remodeling. If no, you might be due for a move.

3) How do you feel about the neighborhood?

Ask yourself similar questions about the neighborhood at large. What are the schools like in the area? What about the community? Have you built relationships with your neighbors? Are you in a convenient location? How’s the traffic and crime rate? If your neighborhood needs more work than your home, it might be time to move. But if you’ve put down roots and like your location, see if a remodel is the better option.

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4) Are you in an up and coming area?

If you’ve noticed new businesses moving to the area and homes being renovated on your street, you might want to stay put. Holding onto homes in up and coming areas will potentially pay off big time and it might be a good reason to at least postpone your move.

5) Have you crunched the numbers?

Most of the time, remodeling is a more cost-effective option when compared to moving. Also, remember that if you move, you may have to put some money and time into projects the previous owner didn’t complete. But determining numbers is a case-by-case game.

A realtor can easily give you information on moving costs for where you’re interested in moving. Or you can examine the market yourself and estimate the total of your moving costs.

Next, tell us about your project and receive an instant, no-commitment remodeling quote. Explain to them what you’d need out of your home to make it work for you. Do you need a bigger living room? Would you like walls knocked down?

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Kitchens and bathrooms get the biggest return on the market, so investing in your home might end up being a beneficial financial decision in the long run. But you want to be careful not to outpace your neighborhood too much. If you’re hoping to have a return on the money you put into your fixer-upper, don’t over-improve to the point where your home looks out of place.

It’s hard to decide if you should stay put or fix things up. And though you may love your home, it may be pretty outdated. Starting to get the fixer-upper fever? Build your dream renovation today, for free.


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