The Top 5 Bathroom Health Trends in 2021- And We Don’t Mean Hand Washing

The effects of 2020 just keep resonating across the home remodel industry.  At first, it was the redefinition of the home office (for obvious reasons) and creating a home spa in your bathroom (we loved that one).  As we make our way through 2021, there is also a continued laser focus on sanitation and cleanliness.

Due to its increasing need and popularity, it only seems fitting that we finish up our month of 2021 Bathroom Trends with the topic of health/hygiene.  We are going to dive (kiester first) to the top five hygiene items you can expect to see in bathrooms this year:

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1. Smart Toilet

Told you we were beginning at the bottom! The hygiene item that launched them all- the smart toilet.  With their sleek looks and hands-free features, they are a common ask in the 2021 bathroom.  

Smart Toilet in Modern Bathroom

These smart seats can include perks like seat warmers, automatic lid openers, adjustable air dryers, built-in deodorizers and more. Smart toilets are all the rage and their features are getting more and more impressive. Some benefits include:

  • Futuristic Flushing- No need to press a button or pull a lever to flush! A sensor activates the flushing mechanism.

  • Overflow Protection- Use a unique technology that prevents the annoying overflow occurrence by preventing flushing when the toilet is clogged.

  • Water Saving- Sense how much water is needed and flush accordingly.  Small flushes use as little as 0.6 gallons per flush (GPF), basic toilets use around 1.6 GPF.  This will obviously control your water bill.

  • Instant Cleaning- Some clean their own bowls!  They have super-smooth ceramic that has zirconium, preventing material and waste buildup.  They also have ultraviolet lights that kill odor-causing bacteria.  Don’t forget automatic cleaning cycles!  Sign us up.

  • Health Tracking- Beneficial to people with severe conditions, some can connect to a smartphone app and your doctor’s office.  The doctor can analyze your urine or stool.  Diabetic patients can know when their blood sugar is too high or low and examine when health is at risk.

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2. Touchless Faucet

Ever considered that you have to touch the bathroom faucet with your dirty hands to turn the water on...and then, once your hands are clean, touch it again (eww) to turn it off?  After their growing popularity in public restrooms, touchless sensor faucets are now becoming a popular choice for many homeowners.  

Using infrared sensor technology, you can start the flow of water without touching the faucet. Brilliant! The benefits of the touchless faucet appear boundless, but some include: reduced germ spread, voice control, temperature memory, and automatic 20-second hand washing (no more singing the birthday song twice). 

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3. Wall-Mounted Toilet

The wall-mounted toilet is a design that appeals to more and more homeowners. Not just sleek in appearance, these units are water-efficient space-savers.  Additionally, as the toilet bowl doesn’t touch the floor, cleaning the area around it and below it is much easier- resulting in a cleaner bathroom. 

Wall-Mounted Toilet

4. Wet Room

As we’ve discussed in our previous post on easy to clean bathroom ideas, installing a wet room in your bathroom greatly decreases cleaning time commitments. Every surface is designed to be waterproof and handle splash damage- which also means that using normal household cleaners on all surfaces and hosing it down is possible.  Hello, hygiene!

Upscale Trendy Wet Room

5. HVAC Scent System

Relaxing is important for your MENTAL health. Time to unwind in a bath! However, you should think twice before you light a candle or two.  While the soft glow and scent might be nice while you are soaking in the tub, we are all aware of the risks of an open flame in a home. 

Open Modern Master Bathroom with Soaking Tub

In recent years, HVAC air fresheners have become a go-to option for homeowners seeking safer and more effective ways of adding fragrances from one room to the next. HVAC scenting is designed to release mood-enhancing fragrances in large spaces.  While this trend is geared to affect your entire home- we believe that the bathroom will ultimately be the space that benefits the most from this feature.  Most systems are smartphone/app controlled and customizable for each home’s needs. 

Is your bathroom health forward?  Does it have all the hygiene bells and whistles you’d like it to have?  If you are looking to upgrade the health of your bathroom to 2021 standards, consider including one of the trends above.  Whether it’s a toilet that warms your tush, or a faucet that tells you how long you should lather before rinsing- we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

If you want to explore how you might incorporate these hygienic bathroom features into your existing bathroom, feel free to contact Remodelmate.  We’re ready to chat!

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