remodelmate x Havenly: The Shelby Kitchen Renovation

We're thrilled to announce a special partnership with nationwide online interior design service Havenly. The partnership allows remodelmate customers to purchase a Havenly-inspired, templated kitchen renovation designed by Havenly’s head of design, Shelby Girard.

Havenly’s “The Shelby,” available exclusively for purchase on remodelmate, includes a countertop, backsplash, sink and faucet, cabinets with knobs and pulls, dishwasher, oven and stove top, hood range, shelf brackets, and a refrigerator.

The installation of the “The Shelby” kitchen renovation, at a total cost of only $24,530, will be exclusively available through remodelmate.


Our goal has always been to make renovations predictable and the overall experience of remodeling a home less stressful. This partnership with Havenly hits those two nails squarely on the head. With the rollout of this templated renovation, homeowners simply select their Havenly-inspired design and the rest is taken care of -- ordering, logistics, any necessary permits, installation, and, of course, payment and customer success. Lift one finger, then don’t lift another when you book ‘The Shelby’ with remodelmate’s Concierge service.

(As featured in Fast Company,, and Business of Home)

As Shelby Girard described her kitchen design: "At Havenly, we love creating beautiful, functional spaces for our clients. This kitchen design is classic and Parisian-inspired, with elegant fixtures and clean surfaces that are as practical as they are gorgeous. A white kitchen never goes out of style. With bohemian colors and texture, it can feel fabulously eclectic. But, add monochromatic touches and suddenly it's modern farmhouse. No matter your style, the ‘Shelby’ kitchen is a beautiful option that always feels fresh."

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