Minimal Effort, Large Impact: The Top 5 Bathroom Finish Trends in 2021

While a total bathroom renovation might be exciting- we understand it might not always be in the budget. The great news is you don’t have to think big to make a big difference. Welcome to the world of bathroom finishes. They might seem like a minor part of a bathroom, but finishes can really elevate a room’s style and transform the look of your bathroom with minimal effort (or cost). 

When looking to update your finishes, there are many to choose from. To make the search a little less daunting, we’ve been taking stock of what’s trending in 2021.  Here are the bathroom finishes that seem to be dominating in 2021: 

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1. Brushed Gold

Gold finishes are back and better than ever. This is not your mother’s gold. Brushed gold provides a lovely warm toned gold that will be everyone’s new go-to during bathroom remodels. Homeowners appear to be loving the change to these warmer accents versus the traditional shiny polished chrome. 

Brushed Gold Bathroom Finishes

Added bonus?  Brushed gold keeps the fingerprints and water spots hidden! We believe a large reason for the comeback is also its versatility in so many different style bathrooms.

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2. Vintage Brass

Think of vintage brass as brushed gold’s mature and sophisticated cousin. For those who want to integrate warm tones, but in a subtle way, vintage brass is the perfect option. It’s brushed and darkened areas give it a classic, broken-in look and unique charm. Vintage brass exhibits a sophisticated style and a sense of timeless, traditional beauty that will last in your bathroom for years.

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3. Matte Black

It’s not news to anyone that black fixtures have exploded over the past year. We’ve noticed a huge increase in matte black finishes all over the home, and the bathroom appears to be the epicenter of the craze.  

Matte Black Bathroom Finishes

Black’s simplicity makes a dramatic accent and makes an impact when paired with nearly any color or tone. Believe it or not, black is also a very versatile finish that goes well in farmhouse, transitional, and modern style bathrooms.

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4. Weathered Nickel

Looking to achieve a more understated vibe? Consider fixtures with a weathered nickel finish. This grey metal provides a fresh look that is soft and not flashy.   

Weathered Nickel Bathroom Light

Much like matte black, weathered nickel is a versatile finish- working well with traditional, transitional, or modern bathroom styles. Although it’s probably the least trendy of this group, don’t discount weathered nickel, as it can offer a classic, gorgeous, and sophisticated look. 

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5. Two-Tone/Texture

Last year, the two-tone kitchen faucet made its appearance. Designers discussed the opposing forces of light and dark, push and pull, sense of searching for harmony within division- none of which are surprising given the mood in the United States over the past year. These feelings were expressed in products that balanced rough and smooth textures, matte and polished finishes and warm and cool tones. In 2021, we are watching this trend trickle into the bathroom (pun intended).  

Two Tone Bathroom Finishes

Adding two-toned or two-textured finishes to your bathroom gives a varied and more interesting look. Topping the two-toned list this year appears to be combining matte black and brushed gold.

As you can see, a little goes a long way when it comes to updating the style of or refreshing your bathroom.  Bathroom finishes provide a simple and effective way of updating your bathroom’s style without breaking the bank.  Whether you jump on the brushed gold bandwagon or you give matte black spin, we guarantee that these small finish tweaks will add the change you’ve been longing for this year.

While Remodelmate specializes in full bathroom renovations, we can also help you update your bathroom on a smaller scale. Want to swap out finishes? Replace tile? Replace flooring? We’ve got you covered. Contact Remodelmate today so we can start talking through your wants, needs, and what makes sense for your specific bathroom.

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