How Will You Light Up the Room? The Top 5 Bathroom Lighting Trends of 2021

May 16th, 2021

During the fully quarantined days of 2020, we became intimately aware of the state of our homes.  An acute focus on home hygiene, clutter, and style (or lack thereof) were simply outputs of what we can only call an “interesting” year stuck at home. As we progress in 2021, bathroom trends continue to focus on hygiene and easy to clean surfaces, and thankfully don’t sacrifice an ounce of style while doing so.

This month, we will be publishing several posts on the top 2021 bathroom trends.  We will cover four areas: lighting, decor, finishes, and (last but certainly not least) health/hygiene.

This week, we are kicking off our discussion with lighting.  Because, well, if you can’t see in a bathroom- that’s a problem. Lighting is a crucial component that not only serves a practical purpose, but also can make your bathroom look its best.  Here are the top five bathroom lighting trends we are noticing this year:

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1. Spotlighting

While not a new trend, spotlights continue to be a highly sought after lighting option in the bathroom.  Placed in the ceiling or as a lamp by the vanity or tub, spotlights ensure that ample light is provided throughout the space.  They can also serve to highlight architectural or design focal points in the room, creating a dramatic effect.

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Master Bathroom Spotlights

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2. Integrated Lighting

When you want a clean look, nothing beats integrated lighting.  In this artful trend, illumination is used behind mirrors, under vanities, and in showers to make the bathroom appear weightless. 

Blog Space 20Bathroom Integrated Mirror Lighting

According to Houzz, three out of four homeowners (77%) install new mirrors during a master bathroom remodel, and most are now choosing lighted models.  The embedded feature offers ambient lighting without added glare and dimmable options can serve as nightlights.  

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3. Statement Lighting

Looking to create a unique place that reflects your own personal style?  Adding a statement light is a simple and effective way to accomplish that.  From ornate chandeliers to rustic illuminated antlers, statement lighting can be found for any style. Handblown glass, dynamic configurations, organic form, and brass are just some of the trends we are seeing in statement lighting this year.  

Blog Space 20Master Bathroom Statement Light Over Tub

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4. Natural Material

Using lighting made of straw, wood, or cane is one way to bring nature inside.  These natural materials bring a sense of calm and peace- promoting a spa-like experience in your own home. 

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5. Matte Black

The final (and arguably most popular) trend in bathroom lighting is the use of matte black.  Matte black has risen to the top finish in bathrooms and kitchens lately, and it’s understandable.  It’s simplicity and contracts adds depth to any room and also provides a dramatic accent.  Matte black also transcends many different bathroom styles:  farmhouse, modern, contemporary, and transitional.

Blog Space 20Matte Black Bathroom Lighting

With all the fun lighting options trending in 2021, it might be daunting trying to decide what fits well in your bathroom.  Remodelmate is keenly aware of this struggle, that’s why we include free design consultation services in our package to help you nail down what you want and- let’s face it- might not even know you need.

Stay tuned for next week’s post as we continue the Top 2021 Bathroom Trends discussion with decor!

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