Do You Know The Top 5 Bathroom Decor Trends of 2021?

Let’s talk about the fun part of a bathroom- it’s decor. Bathrooms can sometimes feel like a necessary evil- where you get clean, do your business, and get ready for the day.  It doesn’t have to stop there! Creating a space that is unique to your own personal style and creature comforts can transform what was simply a utilitarian room into an oasis.

Bathroom decor can cover everything from paint and tile to flooring, but also adds the finishing touches to your space- defining your style in ways you never imagined. Here are the top five decor trends we are noticing in 2021:

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1. Splash of Color

Just because a bathroom is associated with a soothing environment, doesn’t mean it can’t make a statement.  As the trends continue to stray further away from the gray hues, we expect to see the pop of color trend to increase in the form of paint, accents, fixtures, and furniture. Whether you prefer tiles in cool blues, a bright red vanity, or a bold black wall- bringing a pop of color into a bathroom of any size can revitalize it.   When you choose a specific color for your bathroom, you can use it to set the mood.  Blue can increase relaxation levels, while green conjures up feelings of nature and wellness.  Other colors might even boost your mood and creativity levels.  The possibilities are endless with color!

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2. Graphic Wallpaper

Creative designers claim that one of the biggest bathroom trends of 2021 is the use of wallpaper.  Wallpaper can simply cover an accent wall- creating a thrilling focal point, or can span the entire bathroom with texture, color, and style.  The larger and louder the graphic wallpaper, the better- according to 2021.  Go bold, create a statement.

Don’t worry, specially designed bathroom wallpapers are now available, taking the “can this get wet?” fear out of the equation.  

Bathroom with Wallpaper

Not comfortable featuring wallpaper in a large bathroom like your master?  Start small. The most popular room we are finding wallpaper in 2021 is the powder room/half bath.  As this is the bathroom guests most frequently use, it’s a great opportunity to create a unique and interesting space that introduces your personal style.

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3. Framed Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are a surprisingly important finishing touch- providing both function and style to the room.  Naked bathroom mirrors are a thing of the past.  Adding a framed mirror to your bathroom gives a little style to an otherwise boring feature of the room.  Whether your style is traditional, modern, or farmhouse, the framed mirror adds a focal point to your room and unifies the bathroom’s style by highlighting finishes.

Framed Master Bathroom Mirror

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4. Large Wall Tiles

In 2021, we are saying goodbye to the tiny mosaic tiles, at least when it comes to bathroom walls. The movement toward larger format tiles is gaining momentum this year as the trend creates the illusion of a larger space with fewer grout lines.  And for anyone who also cleans their own bathroom- can I get an amen to fewer grout lines?!

Large Bathroom Wall Tiles

We are starting to see this simple bathroom decor trend vertically and horizontally stacked linear designs for a minimalist appearance.  Colors of these large styles trend in warm and inviting neutrals as well as modern grays. 

5. Natural/Warm Tones & Wood Tiles

Warm and inviting tones aren’t limited to large tiles.  One of the most recent bathroom decor trends emerging in 2021 has been the use of natural/warm tones and natural-looking elements.  Much like the Natural Material Lighting discussed in last week’s post, adding warm colors to even a modern bathroom elevates the style to 2021 standards. 

Natural Wood in Master Bathroom

Various shades of wood can compliment white, blue, green, and darker bathrooms.  Wood-look tiles are increasingly more common in the bathroom. Wood accents pair nicely with vintage and industrial trends, so it’s not surprising that we are seeing them this year. This look can also add a classic element to your otherwise modern bathroom.

2021 follows a very difficult year, and it’s responding to it by ushering in a more fun and playful side to bathroom decor.  As you can see from the top trends we’ve listed, we expect to see more and more of this playful side to bathrooms- and we are here for it!

Remodelmate’s simple and stress-free bathroom remodeling process is a great way to start revitalizing your home in 2021. Our design team is ready to guide your design choices as little or as much as you would like.  If you know which of these decor trends you want to incorporate, great!  If not, don’t worry- our designers are here to make what seem like endless remodeling choices a breeze.

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