About The Founder

The United States is home to roughly 2.5 million black-owned businesses, according to the Census Bureau.  Although the vast majority are sole proprietorships or small-scale undertakings, an increasing number have regional reach and national ambitions. Remodelmate is one of those businesses.  

Owned and founded by Chad Hall, Remodelmate is a local business whose main focus is bathroom renovations. Homeowners get quotes, plans, permits, materials, and book labor all through their site and the entire process is managed by a project concierge to make sure renovations finish on-time and on-budget. 

Natives of Kingston, Jamaica, Chad's parents made their home in the Cambria Heights neighborhood of Queens, NY, where he was born. Even at a young age, Chad had an entrepreneurial spirit:

“In junior high, my school ran an annual fundraising campaign by selling candy bars. While traveling for sports, I met students at other schools who also wanted to sell candy bars in return for keeping some of the profits. Soon I was selling boxes of candy bars over a broad network while my classmates were stuck selling individual bars at our home sporting events.”

Needless to say, Chad won every fundraising competition and the prizes that went along with them - which he also sold.

As he grew, so did his passion for business.  In high school, Chad was the only kid in his neighborhood with a CD-RW drive (that’s a rewritable disc drive for everyone born after the year 2000). In a time when people still had to listen to music on CDs, a CD-RW drive was like having your own mint. As Chad puts it, “let’s just say I’m part of the reason a lot of record stores went out of business when downloadable music sites were still around.” 

Chad moved to the DC area for school, attending the University of Maryland, College Park, where he was a D1 collegiate decathlete in their Track & Field program.  He began his post-collegiate career in the residential remodeling industry, and noticed that it typically took 6 people and multiple touches from each person to help one customer renovate a bathroom.  He understood what may have worked 70+ years ago, just doesn’t work today.  The renovation process needed, well…a renovation. 

At LivingSocial, Chad experienced the drive and pace of an internet startup environment firsthand.  He was now ready to combine his knowledge of the remodeling industry, his experience in the online marketplace, and his vision for a more efficient customer journey. 

Enter, Remodelmate. 

Remodelmate understands that each person has a unique background and celebrates those differences.  Your journey and your story are a combination of factors, experiences, and decisions unique to you. Remodelmate also understands that one thing rings true for all of us - bathroom renovations should stay on budget and finish on time. 

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